Staying Occupied: Hanger Flip

Most people do not wear everything in their wardrobes or dresser drawers. There are many reasons for this:

  • It doesn’t fit;
  • The colour didn’t work the way you thought it would;
  • It needs mending;
  • You were shopping out of boredom;
  • Lifestyle or work changes;
  • Special Occasion items;
  • and sentimental pieces.

But when was the last time you admitted to any of these reasons and cleaned out or organized your wardrobe?

I’m going to give you a one hour challenge. Turn every hanger around in your closet so the top tip faces you. While you are doing that take out anything that you know will not be worn again or needs to be mended.

Staying Occupied: Hanger Flip Flip | | #stayhome #socialdistancing #bepositive

When an item you have worn has been washed and ready to be packed away, hang up the item with the top tip hanging away from you (aka the normal way). Add an entry into your calendar 6-8 months from now to look at your closet. Which hangers did not get turned around during this time? Ask yourself … Why did I not wear this item? Then ask yourself …

  • Should I keep the item?
    • If it is sentimental, can it be packed away elsewhere? If yes, remember to review this box on an annual basis.
    • Does it not fit? If it can be altered, get that done. If not, donate it.
    • Does it need to be repaired? Fix it or get rid of it.
    • If it is for a special occasion, cover it with a clothing bag and store in a secondary closet if possible.
    • If your lifestyle has changed, do you need to keep everything that was used with your former job/position?

I have been slowly doing this over the last five years. I went from university, to teaching in a high school, to working in finance, to teaching fitness/yoga. I had a student wardrobe, to a slightly funky business casual, to business attire, to yoga gear. My wardrobe was a mismatch of all of these.

I kept holding on to things because I will ‘someday’ need to wear it. There was nothing wrong with any of the pieces. They fit ok. But I didn’t love most of it and most of the items didn’t fit the person I am now.

Create a wardrobe for the person you are now – at this job, at this weight, in your personal style. It will give you a boost of confidence and make it easier to dress in the morning.

Please share how you are staying occupied and/or how you are doing with this wardrobe challenge. You can respond to this post or reach out through Social Media.

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