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How would you describe a yoga student or yoga teacher? Would you end up giving a description based on what you have seen on magazine covers and Instagram accounts? What if I told you this does not represent all the people that practice? Would you believe me when I say that you can be …

You can be any age, any size, any colour, any gender to participate in yoga | | body positive yoga in Scarborough Toronto

>>> Your Body Can Do Yoga! <<<

Through the use of props, chairs, walls, and a variety of options, I can help you improve your body through the practice of yoga.


Perhaps my weekly class doesn’t fit your schedule or you aren’t quite ready to join my yoga community. This option is for you. I can come to your home and work with you on your practice. All props would be provided during the session. Contact me at sproutingbalance [at] to discuss pricing.

[HINT: Working out with a family member or a friend can help with your accountability, provide you with extra support, make the atmosphere more fun and can help financially by spliting the cost!]


Weekly Classes are held at Jay9 Dance Studio in southwest Scarborough (Toronto). At the bottom of this page, please follow me on social media or sign up for blog notifications for the most updated information.

Your Body Can Do Yoga - Winter 2020 | | Scarborough (Toronto) Body Positive Yoga

Still don’t trust me that every body can do yoga? How about join me for a workshop? The extra time allows for a deeper understanding of how your mind and body can connect. It also gives you the chance to ask questions! This is a safe space for us to learn together.

Follow me on social media or subscribe your email to my blog to get updates on future workshops. Need some one-on-one time? Let’s do a few private classes together until you get comfortable with what your body can do!


Your Body Can Do Yoga – 2019 September 20


Your Body Can Do Yoga – 5 week session – 2019 November 8 – December 6
Your Body Can Do Yoga – 6 week session – 2019 September 27 – November 1