Workshop: 2019 September 20

Confession Time. The first yoga class I went to as a participant was a disaster. Seriously, it haunted me for years. I remember feeling awkward, mad at myself for not being able to do several of the poses, and then completed the class hyperventilating. Did I try yoga again? NO WAY. Why would I? There were no modifications, no indication that there were ways that I could have felt more comfortable, and no props to assist me.

So how is it that I’m now a yoga instructor? Short answer: life happened (aka 20 years past) and I went down different roads. Slightly longer answer: I’ve been a Fitness Instructor since the late 90s and added Beginner Pilates in the mid-2000s … yoga was a natural progression. I have always taught classes that were size inclusive (um, I’m no size 12) and with lots of options. Why would my yoga teaching be any different?

Here is the opportunity for you to try your body at yoga. I guarantee your first experience at yoga will be better than the one I had! This workshop will give you an opportunity to explore what your body is capable of doing and to ask me questions along the way. It is worth the $30.00 investment in yourself – Trust Me.

I hope to see you at Jay9 Dance Centre!

Workshop: Your Body Can Do Yoga | | Body Positive Yoga in Scarborough Toronto

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