Staying Occupied: Journal Writing

Last week, I started writing down what was happening each day. It started from a negative thought, “If I get sick, I need to know where I have been.”

Then it became a way to see what was accomplished beyond the work I was doing here on the blog.

I then saw a Facebook post encouraging children to write about this experience as a living history.

We are living history.

Let that sink in. We are living through a crisis that will become part of the history books. The year the world stopped. We are all part of it.

What story will you tell?

Will you talk of darkness & fear or connection & growth? Really, the best written history will include both.

I challenge you to record a little history each day. It can be written in a notebook, on your computer, in your phone notes, as a video, or a photograph.


  • What did you do today?
  • Did you go somewhere?
  • Who did you call/text/video?
  • What events happened in the world?
  • How did you feel? Be honest.
  • What was your favourite thing … your moment of gratitude?

When this is all over and we go back to our (new) normal, save your journal in a safe space. You now have a history that you can share with the next generation(s).

Please share how you are staying occupied and/or a journal entry. You can respond to this post or reach out through Social Media.

There are now three summary posts with helpful links: Staying Occupied links, Helpful Links for Families, and Fitness links to keep you healthy.

Note: This series was created due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirement to practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible. I hope that despite all the closures and the crazy grocery store lines, you can still find opportunities to stay calm, enjoy the extra time with your loved ones, organize the areas that need to be addressed, and find something (book, movie, craft) to bring you enthusiasm. Choose to be as balanced as possible and stay healthy.

4 Replies to “Staying Occupied: Journal Writing”

  1. The bottom part of my COVID-19 journal is a section called “I am grateful for….” When I get “down” these days, I read it over and try to add to it.
    Thanks for doing these blogs.
    Love Mom.

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