Staying Occupied: Virtual Boggle

I’ve read that people want to stop using the term ‘Social Distancing’ and instead use ‘Physical Distancing’. Using the word social makes it sound like we are to disconnect from connecting with people. Which is what we don’t want to do at this time! We need to talk to our friends and family through whatever means work – telephone, text, or video.

This afternoon, we stayed social by using Facebook Messenger. Our friend noted how nice it was to see a face … not just see words.

We set up our Boggle game with the phone camera over top and four of us competed to find the most words. This is a great activity for readers of all ages.

Please share how you are staying occupied and/or games that you are playing virtually. You can respond to this post or reach out through Social Media.

There are now three summary posts with helpful links: Staying Occupied posts, Helpful Links for Families, and Fitness links to keep you healthy.

Note: This series was created due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirement to practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible. I hope that despite all the closures and the crazy grocery store lines, you can still find opportunities to stay calm, enjoy the extra time with your loved ones, organize the areas that need to be addressed, and find something (book, movie, craft) to bring you enthusiasm. Choose to be as balanced as possible and stay healthy.

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