Props! Pink is for Boys

A week after I wrote the post on Gendered Gifts, my daughter and I were browsing in the independent bookstore Lighthouse Books in Brighton, Ontario. She was immediately drawn to this book: I had discussed my previous post with Lil Sprout and she was proud to show me her bookstore find. We didn't purchase Pink … Continue reading Props! Pink is for Boys

Yoga for Elephants

Yoga for Elephants | | #everybody #yoga #accessible

Laurent de Brunhoff, the son of Babar creator Jean de Brunhoff, wrote BABAR’S YOGA for Elephants. Originally published in 2002, the book provides step-by step instructions on yoga asanas (poses) and shows how yoga can be used in daily life and travels. Using Babar to show various poses breaks the western stereotype that you must … Continue reading Yoga for Elephants

Blog Love Friday! 2015 May 1

How have I been Sprouting Balance the last few weeks? Well … hubby, daughter, a friend, and I went on a little road trip to Buffalo. Hubby & Daughter went to the Buffalo Museum of Science (and had a blast). My friend and I went rushing around Amherst shopping at Kohl’s, Trader Joes and various … Continue reading Blog Love Friday! 2015 May 1