Blog Love Friday! 2015 June 19

Blog Love Friday

Sunday marks the first day of summer and the longest day of the year above the equator. The summer solstice has been celebrated for its symbolic importance since ancient times. Toronto will be getting their OM on in the Distillery District with the OmT.O. yogic celebration. I hope to drop in at some point, with mat in hand, for some restorative yoga at the end of the day.

Last weekend, I spent some time with Susie Dias of East to West Yoga in a weekend long course. At one point, Susie was reviewing with the class the importance of breath. I learned that I am a terrible breather. Obviously, we don’t have to think about breathing to stay alive (if we did, we would all be dead!); but the way we breathe can change our quality of life. My natural breathing tends to be very short and high in my chest. This is not the most efficient way to get oxygen through my body. It also indicates that my body is feeling stressed. So, I’m trying to be more conscious of my breath and really engage my diaphragm. I already feel more relaxed.

7 Breathing Exercises to Help you Reduce Stress | Mind Body Green
Continuing with this yoga and breathing theme, I found a great infographic on yoga poses that encourage you to slow down and focus on breathing.

Social Media and Ego could be Damaging Practice of Yoga |
“Contorting your body into a pretzel on Instagram doesn’t mean you are doing yoga, that’s just your body type.” I love this quote. People are starting to fear Yoga since magazines & various social media outlets show tall, lean, muscle ripped individuals practicing these gravity-defying postures. We start to believe that you’re not doing yoga until you’ve spent 90min in a sweltering hot room. There is a type of yoga for everybody and every body. You just have to try different styles to find one that works for you. I know that I cannot stand hot Bikram yoga; my body is not meant for that heat and humidity. I prefer Hatha with a restorative focus; this makes my body stretch out and relax. So go experiment and see what works for you.

Enjoy your Father’s Day weekend!

p.s. Although there are several deeper meanings to the word, I am sticking to the simplest and using Namaste as a salutation meaning hello/bye. Just thought I’d mention it since many people don’t know what it means!

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