Ideas for Father’s Day 2015

Sprouting Balance on Father's Day 2015

It is Father’s Day this weekend so I’m certain preschools and primary schools across the country have been creating paper ties and clothes peg tie clips. I was not brought up to buy presents on Father’s Day. Now that I have a child of my own, I am encouraging her to be creative and focus on time together. With this in mind, I have created a list of activities that are low cost or free on this Father’s Day weekend.

Woodbine Park is having the Boom 97.3 Beach BBQ & Brews Festival. We hope to go to this over the weekend to listen to the tunes (The Trews, 54-50, & Big Sugar Reggae Style) and maybe even sample some BBQ. So gather a lawn blanket or some chairs and relax with the family.

This is where your imagination can go out of control. Depending on the age of your children, some of these suggestions will work better than others.

Rock Star for the Day – Create a rider for your dad including everything you think he would demand if he were a star. Think he would only want blue jellybeans and yellow peanut M&Ms? A 6-pack of his favourite brew and chilled pints in the fridge? Now decorate the TV room with everything you listed!

Craft Time! – Card making is always fun with the younger crowd. Here is an example of one we did in 2013 with simple scrapbooking paper and pens. All you do is trace each person’s hand and stack on top of each other. Then between the two hands, create a paper spring so that when you open it up it says: “We love you THIS MUCH!”

Father's Day 2015 handprints

Most people love to eat and love having someone cook for them even more! So if you have a little money to spend, take dad to his favourite restaurant for a meal. If you want to be social but do very little prep, have a potluck with other local dads in your neighbourhood. Or stop by a great local bakery and start the morning off with sugary pastries.

Lastly, encourage some time for dad to do something for himself. Perhaps you treat him to a professional shave or a session with the trainer at the gym. Or it might be as simple as showering without someone banging on the bathroom door. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Looking for some ideas on recipes, organization or things to do with your Lil Sprout? Come check out my Pinterest page and the things that inspire me to become more balanced.

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