Every Summer has a Story: 2018 Edition

Every Summer has a Story: 2018 edition | www.sproutingbalance.com | #Toronto #summer #todo #list #fun

School starts again next week and I can’t believe the summer holiday is finished! I worked less this summer and my schedule was better organized to allow more time with my Lil Sprout. So what did we do aside from some cuddly days at home and backyard days at my parents? A fair amount of … Continue reading Every Summer has a Story: 2018 Edition

Nutritious Litterless Lunch

If you have children, the task of making healthy school lunches has reappeared in your daily chores. As parents, it is our job to ensure a balanced lunch of healthy carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruit is sent to school each day. We also want to make lunches in zero time so a system needs to … Continue reading Nutritious Litterless Lunch

Ideas for Father’s Day 2015

It is Father’s Day this weekend so I’m certain preschools and primary schools across the country have been creating paper ties and clothes peg tie clips. I was not brought up to buy presents on Father’s Day. Now that I have a child of my own, I am encouraging her to be creative and focus … Continue reading Ideas for Father’s Day 2015

Blog Love Friday! 2015 June 12

It is garage sale season where someone else’s junk can become your treasure! Just a reminder to the LOCAL SPROUTS that the Danforth East Community Association is hosting their third annual garage sale this Saturday. It looks like over a 100 homes will be involved with multiple street sales in the works. Happy shopping and … Continue reading Blog Love Friday! 2015 June 12

Blog Love Friday! 2015 May 22

It is difficult posting a blog when the internet decides to be patchy. In this technology driven age, we expect everything to run smoothly all of the time. It doesn’t. Sometimes the best thing to do is to unplug and do something else. SPROUTING COMMUNITY: 3 Steps Anyone Can Take to Reduce Water Consumption | … Continue reading Blog Love Friday! 2015 May 22

Blog Love Friday! 2015 May 15

This is for the LOCAL SPROUTS … its back!!! What am I so excited about? This Sunday is the start of the Leslieville Farmers Market season. Yippie! We spend most Sundays at this Market in the Jonathan Ashbridge Park. Our favourites: Kai of City Gourmet, the lovely family of Bizjak Farms, and my daughter’s favourite, … Continue reading Blog Love Friday! 2015 May 15