Blog Love Friday! 2015 June 12

Blog Love Friday

It is garage sale season where someone else’s junk can become your treasure! Just a reminder to the LOCAL SPROUTS that the Danforth East Community Association is hosting their third annual garage sale this Saturday. It looks like over a 100 homes will be involved with multiple street sales in the works. Happy shopping and happy cleaning out!

The 10 Emotional Stages You Go Through Shopping At Bulk Barn | Narcity
“Because every trail mix should contain 36 ingredients and cost approximately $82.” What a great article tagline! I think every person I know has gone into Bulk Barn with a short list and walked out with a handful of items that they ‘had’ to have. I am guilty of adding British chocolate, new to me gluten-free products and dried fruit.

14 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Home Clean & Organized | SparkPeople
A great list of ideas that people use to help keep their homes clean & organized. I use several of these tricks myself … and I know that there are several that I should be using more often! One of my favourites: “Keep Pictures not Stuff”.

10 Tips to Add Personality of a Rental | A Beautiful Mess
Have you ever wondered what makes a house a home? I believe you need to add your personality to a space whether you are in your ‘forever home’ or only living there a short period of time. When you come home at the end of the day, you want to relax in your space. A Beautiful Mess reviews some wonderful ways to add personality while still appeasing a landlord.

Looking for some ideas on recipes, organization or things to do with your Lil Sprout? Come check out my Pinterest page and the things that inspire me to become more balanced.

In the comments, please share articles that you read this week that helped you SPROUT some BALANCE! And remember to follow us and SPROUT a conversation on Twitter – @sproutbalance

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