PROPS! Take Back the Tray

Do you think about what you eat each day? Is it nutritious and will it provide your body what it needs to function properly? Most people would say “yes”, that they try their best to eat their fruits and vegetables and not have too many treats.

So why is it, that when you need the most nutrition – at the hospital and at times of physical/mental growth – that the food provided lacks sufficient nutrition? Or the food is so unappetizing that you just don’t eat it?

Joshna Maharaj’s book Take Back the Tray is her memoir of her trials (so far) to improve the quality of food served at food banks, soup kitchens, schools, and hospitals.

Props! Take Back the Tray | | #nutrition #manifesto #food

This is an easy read and will help you think differently about the importance of food, the financial bottom line that determines what is served, and the people who end up eating it. I warn you though, despite all the magnificent effort, you learn that a very small few hold the control and they get to decide the health of everyone involved.

What does this have to do with you? Maybe you have a child that lives in university dorms and surviving on fast food. Perhaps you are struggling during the pandemic and using food banks to feed your family. Or one day, whether you like it on not, you or a loved one will end up in the hospital. Nutrition is important no matter your circumstances so learn how Joshna is trying to Take Back the Tray.

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