Staying Occupied: Purpose Lost

I find my purpose interacting and helping other people. It is why I went to Teachers’ College and why I have multiple fitness certifications. When teaching Yoga or Pilates, I have an intuitive sense of what most of the participants need. I watch the way they move, their facial expressions, the sound of their breath, and even (as odd it will sound to many) the energy in the room. There is also the community connection when someone groans or asks questions.

How do you translate all of that to a virtual space? You can’t. The video connection can’t share these elements; it is part of the reason I chose not to do online classes. This blog can’t interpret how you are doing and what you need today. I can’t use my energy, passion, or purpose to motivate you.

I started this series because I needed a purpose each day and to still continue to share space with a community. I wanted something where people could comment and share. I hoped that by sharing what I was doing, I would be helping others.

Sadly, it appears that this is not what people wanted to see at this time. I watch the stats of each post and as the days pass each entry gets less and less interest. Not that the numbers were great in the first place. The posts did not create the discussions, interactions, or content sharing that I had hoped. I have realized that this only feels purposeful when others respond, otherwise, this is just a public personal diary.

So thank you mom and the random WordPress person for reading my blog. Thank you to the odd person that knows me that may have read one in the series. I will probably still continue to update the Helpful Links and Fitness Links posts since these have been received well. I might still to do an occasional Staying Occupied post. Maybe. I don’t know. We will see.

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