Lil Sprout’s 7th Birthday – Butterfly Garden


Bright Pink & Dark Green


At the end of last year, our condo party room got renovated and it is gorgeous! We rented the room again since it allows plenty of space to spread out. (And the kitchen is twice as big as mine!)



Ok, we did it last year but it is easy and loved by all:

  • Pizza
  • Vegetable Tray
  • Fruit

We got the trays from Metro and they came in Butterfly containers. After the party, they were donated to the Kindergarten room at school for summertime themes.


7th Birthday - Butterfly Garden | | #butterfly #garden #birthday #cococakeco #cake


Cake? Of course! And Cupcakes Too!

I always trust Tianna of Coco Cake Co to design a cake. I provide her with the theme, colours, and an inspiration picture … “et voila!” … a delicious masterpiece.


7th Birthday - Butterfly Garden | | #butterfly #garden #birthday #decorations #crafts



  • Fairy Garden – see how we made this here!
  • Flowers – purchased from Walmart – the green pots with pink accents went perfectly with the theme
  • Butterfly Balloon – courtesy of Leah!
  • Butterfly clips to hold the tablecloth down – which didn’t fit the tables properly – we tried! Oh Well!


7th Birthday - Butterfly Garden - DIY Flower Pots | | #butterfly #garden #birthday #DIY #flower #pot #craft


Activities – Main Bit:

  • Painted pot – We pre-painted an ordinary clay pot white so the colour went on better and it could be used as part of a design. We gave the children the option to use green tape to mark off areas of white that they wanted to keep. The rest of the pot was painted in hot pink, dark green, or yellow-gold
  • Once the pots were dry, a beautiful Watermelon Coleus was planted in the pot. I love that the colour is called Watermelon! It was the perfect pink and green.

Activities – Side Bits:

  • Butterfly or Bug Magnet
  • Butterfly or Bug Clip
  • Decorate your own gift bag


7th Birthday - Butterfly Garden | | #butterfly #garden #birthday #colour #color #scheme


Loot Bags:

This was pretty much a raiding of my two local Dollaramas!

  • Apron – This was the item that inspired the hot pink and dark green colour theme!
  • Garden gloves
  • Potted plant that they painted and planted!
  • Magnet and clip that they coloured in as an activity
  • Gigantic Butterfly Stickers



LOW – I had tonsillitis and was running a fever. I was barely functioning. Poor hubby had to set up everything and try to figure out a vision that was in my head. Thankfully, I have some AWESOME friends and great parents. Leah came down to move stuff around and make sure people were happy. Alicia took the photographs so all the special moments were captured. And several people chipped in with craft projects I had planned.

HIGH – Seeing how each child created a potted masterpiece with their own special plant to take home.


Other things we might have tried:

  • A walk through the ravine (we actually did a long ravine walk the weekend before the party, between our neighbourhood and the wonderful Saturday Brickworks farmers’ market, with a different group of friends)
  • Make your own butterfly antennae headband
  • Check out my Pinterest board for other ideas!


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What would you have added to our Butterfly Garden theme? Themed food? Different crafts? Comment below or SPROUT a conversation on Twitter – @sproutbalance – or Facebook!


Looking for some ideas on recipes, organization or things to do with your Lil Sprout? Come check out my Pinterest page and the things that inspire me to become more balanced.


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