Follow-up: Six Turning Sixteen

Follow-up: Six Turning Sixteen | | #glam #birthday #girl #gift

After I shared my post Six Turning Sixteen, my friend Alicia shared how she was able to turn the gift into a vanity area for her daughter. The following is her story:

Miss N loved the gift! We even took it a step further. Mom wanted to give her the gift she wanted, age appropriate and on a budget of course! So together we went to purchase the items needed to create a DIY “vanity/beauty” area in her room!

We found this awesome wire shelf (@JYSK) to contain all her beautifying objects, high enough her sister can’t reach but low enough that Miss N can reach! We added round metal shower curtain hooks to the bottom of the shelf to hang her necklaces/bracelets. They close completely so no risk of a necklace falling off.

We also purchased a mirror (@JYSK) to attach to the wall. Which of course we bejewelled with sticker gems from Dollarama.

We purchased a table top pull-out container to store her “make-up products”. She also now owns make-up brushes which she was the most excited about, hair ties, lip glosses, and special little trinkets. We finished the look off with a pot of purple fake flowers to add a girlie touch (all purchased @Dollarama).

Thank you Alicia for sharing how you made Miss N’s birthday wish come true. You made a great DIY vanity area!

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