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Lil Sprout attended her friend’s seventh birthday party on Saturday. A few days prior, I asked the birthday girl what she wanted for her birthday:

  • a vanity table
  • makeup
  • nail polish

This child is obviously turning sixteen not seven! So what to buy? I didn’t want to get children’s nail polish that wore off in minutes but still stains the carpet. I was obviously not purchasing a piece of furniture for her. And I just felt weird about purchasing makeup for a seven year old.

My Lil Sprout loves my tabletop magnifying mirror which we purchased at Marshall’s. (Note: this is not a sponsored post, just me telling you about my shopping adventures!). I was happy to find a similar one but in hot pink!

I explored some more to find other age appropriate products. I found a matching hot pink hairbrush and an adorable floral kitten-ear headband. Purr-fect.

The floral bag, found at cash of course, was the right colour and feel to tie it all together.

The final items – lip balm, fabric hairband, and nail files – were purchased at Dollarama.

I love that I didn’t buy any toys and avoided child marketed beauty products. Adult or child, I think this is a cheerful, fun, and useful present.

What would you have bought this six year old beauty obsessed birthday girl? Tell us in the comments, on Twitter – @sproutbalance – or Facebook!

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