Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden | www.sproutingbalance.com | #fairy #garden #diy
Little fairy gardens have become extremely popular – just look at all the suggestions on Pinterest!

For us, it started as a gift for a friend. The birthday party theme was Peter Pan so we gifted her a door for Tinkerbell to travel through. The doors from Sugar Bush Fairies (Orillia, Ontario, Canada) are so adorable that I decided to get us one too. For the longest time, the door has been attached to our TV cabinet in case the fairies wanted to come and snuggle with us.

A few months later, we found a little fairy playground at a shop in St. Jacobs. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the company and have come up unsuccessful on my google search. We placed the bike, swing, and seesaw in front of the Sugar Bush Fairy Door. Cute, but the set became annoying – moving it to vacuum and occasionally stepping on it. I knew we needed to make a garden.

Fairy Garden | www.sproutingbalance.com | #fairy #garden #diy
A year later, I found my inspiration! An ornamental birdcage from Value Village. I dreamt of adding succulents and making it a living feature garden. However, I couldn’t wrap my head around keeping the soil in the cage, the plants alive, and the fairy garden not rusted.

Thankfully, Michaels had a 70% off sale on some of their faux plants. Lightbulb moment. We can have a green filled and fun fairy garden without any hassle. Yea!

Fairy Garden | www.sproutingbalance.com | #fairy #garden #diy
All the greenery went into the cage, fluffed, shifted, tucked, and rolled into a shape that worked. The playground got arranged and the door tucked into the back. The bike got ‘locked’ to the fence using necklace chain. And lastly, a ‘light fixture’ – originally, it was designed by my grandparents to be a necklace pendant. I thought it added some nice vintage flare.

Fairy Garden | www.sproutingbalance.com | #fairy #garden #diy
I’ve thought about adding some faux lights made from strung beads to the trees. Or bunting. Or little felt clothes on a wash line. What do you think?

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