Choose Happy Bracelet

A sweet little reminder to ‘Choose Happy’.

Choose Happy Bracelet | Tiger's Eye & Sandalwood Mala | | #Mala #Bracelet #27Beads #Choose #Happy

Sandalwood is used in Ayurvedic Healing to promote energy and enthusiasm, while Tiger’s Eye aids in balance and harmony. Add this to a cute little ‘Choose Happy’ charm and who wouldn’t feel a little bit happier? I certainly felt cheerful while designing and making it.

And for those that don’t use Alternative Medicine, you have to admit that clothes affect your mood. Sweats make you feel relaxed and slouchy, while a cocktail dress makes you stand a little taller and ready to party. A little reminder to ‘Choose Happy’ might help on those days that require a suit but you would rather be in your pjs.

Choose Happy Bracelet | Tiger's Eye & Sandalwood Mala | | #Mala #Bracelet #27Beads #Choose #Happy

As for me, I will wear this on the grey February days during a Canadian winter to remind me to keep my mood sunny and bright.

Do you have an article of clothing that helps you to ‘Choose Happy’? Please share in the comments, on Twitter – @sproutbalance – or Facebook.


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