Little Buddha – Children’s Necklace

I need to go to the bead store.

hmmm, we’ll drop in after school pickup.

I just need to grab one thing.

We will be in and out in 5 minutes.

Oh. So. Wrong.


I took a five year old into a bead store. A bead store with shiny, bling, bling beads in a rainbow of colours.


Mummy, make me a necklace. PPPPLLLLLEEEAAAASSEEEE.


And so, this is how this necklace came into existence. My stream of consciousness forgot that dropping into the bead store after school pickup is not efficient and therefore we came home with some bling bling.

Little Buddha Children's Necklace | | #Buddha #Necklace #Children #Hematite #Yoga

Hematite to be exact, hematite in a rainbow of colours, and some purple beads in a rubbery texture. Everything got knotted together with a cute little buddha in purple to finish it off. I think it is cute. The kid thinks it is cute.  So I guess it is a win.


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