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It is back to school so every parent begins to fear the school lunch. Do you make it in the morning or prepare the night before? Are you dependent on pre-packaged goods or is everything sliced/diced and ready to go? Are you brown bagging or bento-boxing? Below are two articles from The Kitchn to give you some inspiration. Happy Noshing!

7 Lunchbox Ideas Kids Can Pack Themselves | The Kitchn
Forgot about the children and pack these lunches for you. Click on the link for more details but here is how we apply the seven ideas:

ONE. Peanut Butter and Whatever sandwich. Any nuts, not just peanuts, are not allowed at our schools, camps, or afterschool programming. We are also discouraged to use alternatives such as seed butters or soy butters since it looks like nut butter. So please make sure you check the policies of the place you are going before a lunch is packed.

TWO. A Leftover Lunch. My personal favourite and used multiply times a week in our house.

THREE. Lunch in a Bowl. My husband’s favourite is a bowl with lettuce, beans, cheese, and vegetables. We are terrible about remembering that we have quinoa, rice and lentils that could also go in for more variety.

FOUR. DIY Lunchable. I have a whole post on why we should DIY instead of buying a box.

FIVE. Breakfast for Lunch. I need to try this one. If we can do Breakfast for Dinner, why can’t we make it for Lunch?

SIX. Lunch Dips. The Lil’ Sprout is having hummus as her protein in today’s lunch. An easy one to keep in the fridge for the days that you just can’t think about making lunch.

SEVEN. The Cheese Plate. A go to for our snack pack so why shouldn’t it be lunch too?


When It Come to Packing School Lunch, Experts Say Think in Threes | The Kitchn

The three key macronutrients of carbohydrates, protein and fat. The ratio will be different if you are Paleo, Low-Carb, Low-Fat, Vegetarian, or “Without a Title” – but our bodies require all three for optimum health. The Kitchn provides you with a few ideas on how to meet these three at lunch time.


In the comments, please share your lunch ideas or which of The Kitchn ideas you will use to help you SPROUT some BALANCE! And remember to follow us and SPROUT a conversation on Twitter – @sproutbalance – and Facebook!


Looking for some ideas on recipes, organization or things to do with your Lil Sprout? Come check out my Pinterest page and the things that inspire me to become more balanced.

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