Cookie Sheet Tic Tac Toe Fun!

Magnetic Cookie Sheet Tic Tac Toe Fun - - #magnetic #craft #game

If you go on to Pinterest and search “Cookie Sheet Fun” you will come up with a variety of ideas to entertain your child. For us, we are planning to use this magnetic cookie tray during a road trip. I am also packing magnetic letters and numbers, magnetic dress up dolls, and I have created this Tic Tac Toe game. To do this project, I had a bunch of leftover materials and an old cookie sheet. My one requirement: no spray paint!  I was looking for as little mess as possible.

My Supplies for Tic Tac Toe Cookie Sheet Fun:
– one cookie sheet
– two 12×12 sheets of card stock
– one scrap piece of card stock for decorative side
– leftover scraps of magnetic printer paper
– Sharpie (I chose gold)
– Scissors
– Pen
– Mod Podge
– Sponge

Magnetic Cookie Sheet Tic Tac Toe Fun - - #magnetic #craft #game

Process for Cookie Sheet:
– Trim the card stock (12×12 page + decorative panel) to the size of the cookie sheet
– Mod Podge into place
– Seal the top with at least one more coat of Mod Podge

Process for Tic Tac Toe Grid:
– Use 4 strips of magnetic paper to create the crosses. Tape in place.
– Trace the Tic Tac Toe grid onto a 12×12 page and cut out.
– Use the Mod Podge to connect the grid to the card stock

Process for Tic Tac Toe Pieces:
– Knots and Crosses were cut out of various magnetic strip leftovers
– Using a Sharpie, colour in the magnetic strip paper

Now bring it all together for your Tic Tac Toe Cookie Sheet Fun!

The cookie sheet can also be used with other magnets or whatever other fun you can think of from the other random magnetic strip leftovers you have!

In the comments, please share what else you would create for this cookie sheet. And remember to follow us and SPROUT a conversation on Twitter – @sproutbalance – and Facebook!

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