Gawk! Late.

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Most people are struggling to stay happy and are constantly seeking the elusive balanced life. Often, we think that doing more and having more is the answer to happiness. We don’t want to deprive ourselves of experiences so we add another appointment. An extra t-shirt will make the wardrobe more diversified although the closet fuller.

What if this need for more is what feeds our anxiety and throws us off balance? How many needs have caused us to rush more and place us at a point of chronic lateness?

I often feel like I am constantly rushing. Gretchen Rubin, author of the Happiness Project, recently went through 9 Tips to Help Chronic Lateness and I suggest you read her solutions.

After reading her tips, create a list of which habits you are guilty of doing. Be honest, and think about how Gretchen’s tips can help you. Here is my list so you realize that we are all striving for a balance. Our needs, wants, and circumstances will change so you will always be working on your balance.

Michelle’s 6 Habits That Have Caused Lateness:

1. I’m exhausted in the morning and hit the snooze alarm several times. I am fairly good at going to sleep at a decent time but I’m aware of habits that may be disturbing my quality of sleep. The main one: too much screen time close to bedtime. Often because I am …

2. Trying to do ‘just one more’ thing whether it is answering an email, tidy up a mess or have a shower. I’m guilty of trying to do too much before I leave. I do find technology can be a help or hindrance in this class. I can check email, write workshop ideas into Evernote, and update my calendar when I get to my destination. As long as I don’t …

3. Under-estimate the commute time I need between destinations. I’m good at knowing the time needed during off-peak hours but struggle guessing how much extra time is needed for rush hour. Google Maps is often very close on their commute predictions so I’m using this option more. This is something I can do before I leave home as well as …

4. Knowing where my keys/wallet/phone are located. We have a central point at the front door where these items are supposed to land. What I do forget is my own coat/mitts/hat as I rush my daughter off to school. I’m so wrapped up about keeping her warm for recess that I forget that I need to be warm too. So I now have a spare set in the car for both of us. Having extras is part of my organizational style but …

5. Other people in my house have different organizational styles. My hubby knows not to file my credit card bill away until it is paid. I need the visual reminder; He prefers the audible reminder on his phone. It still causes issues on occasion but we work on solutions. I’ve also had to create solutions for …

6. Some of my co-workers who do not respect my teaching times. I have had key holders disappear on break at the time I show up for sign-in and equipment collection. In the end, purchased my own equipment to ensure other staff can’t delay my class.

I hope you take the time to make your own list and read Gretchen’s solutions. Tip #9 in particular will make a lot of people think about where they want to be in life.

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