Blog Love Friday! 2015 June 26

Blog Love Friday

There will be a lot to celebrate this PRIDE weekend. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage will be legal in all States. This is a huge win for couples that have not been allowed equal rights in regards to marriage. I haven’t read the full document but I hope this will also allow them to spousal rights provided through insurance, medical care, and pensions.

I took the image above at our friends’ (lesbian) wedding in 2010; they were married at the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto.

Toronto is one of the biggest PRIDE parties in the world! It is not just a party but also a two-week celebration of concerts, marches, parades, lectures, celebrations, and education. Lots of ways to occupy yourself, so go have fun!

Giant Buckwheat Pancake | Edible Perspective
I haven’t been doing very well with breakfast lately. Sometimes I make a smoothie, or use my homemade granola but there have been many days where I ate an ounce of cheese and some biscuits and called myself done. Ashley says this pancake holds her for five hours! I need to find out if this is true.

Silent Bridal Showers | Scary Mommy
This site is always good for some blunt thoughts and their criticism of the silent (aka non-existent, but still send money) bridal shower is excellent. I thought this was a fitting article to add, as I will be spending my Saturday afternoon at a bridal shower. The bride will receive a thoughtful gift for her use from me. It is not a gift certificate, gift card, cash, cheque or e-transfer. It is something that I hope she will thoroughly enjoy on her honeymoon. Weddings, showers, Jack & Jill’s, stag nights, bachelor and bachelorette parties… when did the celebration of vows become a money spending & debt creating event?

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