Blog Love Friday! 2015 July 3

Blog Love Friday

This is a week of festivities for Canadians and Americans with our respective celebrations of our country. I hope everyone has or is enjoying their time with friends and family.

Independents’ Day – a time to celebrate local business | The Guardian
The United Kingdom felt left out of our celebrations and have created their own special day for their independently owned small businesses. I like shopping with small businesses because they usually have superior customer service and a better focus on quality products. However, large chain stores have more financial backing and are able to get better deals due to their large orders. What we see then, is the small shop closing as the consumer looks to spend less money. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, I remember seeing this drastic change in Bath, England. I had gone in 1998 and adored the small shops but when I returned four years later, most were gone and replaced by chains.

Why Do People Love Audrey Hepburn’s Look? | CNN Style
I understand that most people reading this post (including me) will not be in London anytime soon to see the exhibit on Audrey Hepburn at the National Portrait Gallery. However, if we are celebrating things this week, I think Audrey Hepburn is a woman to celebrate. A strong individual with a soul crushing childhood, she grew to be an icon for her philanthropy, her talent and her style. I hope my friends in London will take the opportunity to see this exhibit.

Inside Out Emotions Party | My Insanity
There has been a lot of excitement around the movie Inside Out. For many parents and teachers, it will go beyond a form of entertainment and become a gateway to a discussion about emotions. I love how this family made a whole party out of their movie going experience!

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