Available: Semi-Private and Private Classes

I heard the Adele song ‘Hello’ the other day and so many of the lines resonated with me. In a 2015 interview with the Today Show, Adele said, “‘Hello’ is just about reconnecting with everyone else and myself” – I hope that is something we can do. In this spirit, here is a ‘Hello’ lyric themed post …. because I’m unique like that!

hello | semi-private & private classes available | www.sproutingbalance.com

Hello, it’s me

Remember me? I’m Michelle and we used to be in cozy rooms together, exploring movement, and holding space for each other. 

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet

Things are opening up a bit but I know that many are not ready to jump into classes with people they don’t know. I’m available for private and (make your own group) semi-private classes in your home. Please email me (sproutingbalance[at]gmail.com) if you are interested.

I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet

I lost more than 90% of my employment during the pandemic. It was extremely hard in the beginning, going from interacting with 200+ people a week to just my family. And now, it is hard to imagine seeing that many people at all! I am fully vaccinated in the hopes we can be comfortable again.

At least I can say that I’ve tried

I eventually started my Sunday Zoom classes and had some work as a WalkFit instructor. I taught a Chair Yoga workshop to other yoga teachers. And I’m grateful that my trainings went online which meant I was able to complete my 500-hr yoga certification!

Hello, how are you? It’s so typical of me to talk about myself, I’m sorry

How does the saying go? We have all been in the same storm but in a different boat. Although we are all fighting this pandemic together, our financial and social situations are vastly different. With this in mind, I’ve changed the pricing of my individual classes to a sliding scale to reflect economic differences. 

I hope that you’re well

And that you remember that you have done the best you can in this difficult situation. 

So hello from the other side

As we continue to reopen, I hope that I get to see some of you again! And, I hope that we are able to continuing growing the Sprouting Balance community. If you are new to this space – welcome! – head to my ‘About‘ page to learn more about me.

Hello from the outside

Let’s hope we can meet outdoors and indoors once again. In the meantime, take a breath, move a little, find some stillness, be aware, accept yourself for where you are, and try to stay healthy. If you have any questions or even just wish to say “hello”, feel free to email me at sproutingbalance[at]gmail.com.

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