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As a University of Toronto Scarborough Campus alumni, I get the UTSC Commons magazine updating all on the adventures of other alumni, the staff and the campus as a whole.

In the Fall 2016 edition, the last page ‘Annotation‘ showcased the Makerspace in the library. It is a 1400 square foot space that amongst other technology, it includes a 3D scanner.

Could I please start my degree again?!?

I can’t begin to imagine how different an education these students get to receive. To be able to create a 3D model of a building, a chemistry structure or a film prop as part of an assignment. It allows students to think in a whole different plane. And yes, there is an app to make a lot of this possible.

If you had access to a 3D printer/scanner, what would you like to create? Would this type of technology have been helpful during your school pursuits? 

In the comments, please share your answers. 

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