Valentine’s Day Grouch?

Valentine's Day Grouch

My poor husband; I think I have been brought up as a Valentine’s Day Grouch. Although, the idea of cards, poetry, and declares of love started as a tradition in the late 1700s (thanks Wiki!), I grew up thinking of it as a Hallmark Holiday.

What is a Hallmark Holiday you ask? Well, it is the idea that the American greeting card company Hallmark has created or commercialized holidays for profit. And when you go to the store to purchase a $6.99 piece of paper folded in a half, well, you might agree with the statement.

So, if the fact that I refuse to go out and buy a fancy card or chocolates makes me a grouch … then I am the Valentine’s Day Grouch. I did purchase cute little Valentine’s hopping frogs for my daughter to take to her class ($6 for 32) and I did buy her little felt heart pouches ($3 for 3). These were purchased from the amazing Dollar section at Target during my last visit to the USA (oh, Target, I miss thee in Canada).

We also encourage anything creative so hearts have been punched out of paper, our own cards made and artwork has been done. I admit that some flowers (not overpriced roses) would have been nice to have decorating our dining room table. However, the -20C weather (without wind chill) would have killed them before we ever got them home! Not exactly romantic.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you have found a way to enjoy some time appreciating family and friends. After all, it is about expressing love … not buying it.

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