Props! Law of the Garbage Truck

It is 2019 and I’m feeling contemplative. 2018 wasn’t a bad year for me but I watched many friends struggle. Many of them are hopeful for twelve months with less stress, better health, and happier people around them.

I’m not one for resolutions because I don’t like the pressure. I would rather tackle growth throughout the year as opportunities arise.

Last year, I extended my yoga training further and have cemented my love for teaching chair yoga. I’m committed to making yoga more accessible. And I’m now wondering what are my next steps.

I have tried to be a good wife and a great mum. I’m trying to raise a strong girl who won’t comply to societal norms.

Yet, I’ve realized there are so many people trying to make being a wife, mom, daughter, employee, business owner, volunteer and friend extremely difficult. I’m starting to look hard at what I want and where I want to be.

I went looking for inspiration and I came across this article I saved awhile ago from Our Life is Beautiful. It is the concept of the Law of the Garbage Truck. Give it a read and leave me your thoughts.

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