Lil Sprout Easter

Lil Sprout Easter - - Decorating Styrofoam Eggs

In many households, Easter marks the arrival of the Easter Bunny and chocolate treats. It is then followed by a few weeks (or days) of consuming all of those goodies. Unless you are my family; we tend to eat it so slowly it turns a white-ish colour. We don’t want to be wasteful but we still want to have fun.

Lil Sprout Easter - - Decorating Styrofoam Eggs

Dollar store to the rescue! They stock plain white egg shaped Styrofoam that are begging to be coloured. We started this process a few weeks ago and have accumulated a lovely pile of decorated eggs. These can then be hidden on Easter morning and sought by our four-year old.

I love that this is a multi-stage process that can be enjoyed over several days or weeks. Or in our forgetful house it could be months. Last year, I found one hiding in a box of Q-tips in May! Thankful that Styrofoam eggs don’t rot!

Lil Sprout Easter - - Decorating Styrofoam Eggs

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