Blog Love Friday! 2015 March 27

Blog Love Friday

This week was certainly about the ebb and flow of balance. My daughter caught a stomach bug so a lot of cuddling and snuggling was required by this mummy. As was cleaning up vomit and encouraging a high temperature to come down.

All part of the job of being a mum.

It also meant that I couldn’t do my paying job and had to cancel two classes I was scheduled to teach. I struggle with backing out of commitments even when I know that I have made the correct choice to put something (or someone) first. I struggle with the idea of disappointing more than 50 participants. I worry about being seen as unreliable or not committed to my job because I put my family first. I worry about the loss of pay.

But you know what? None of these worries exist when I am cuddling my sick child and she is happy and grateful that I am home with her.

So this week, I am using myself as a GREAT EXAMPLE OF SPROUTING BALANCE.



No farmers market for Kew | Beach Metro Community News

This is a story that I hope a community can change. As a family, we LOVE going to the Leslieville Farmers Market. It is rare for us to miss a Sunday during the Spring and Summer. We are also lucky to have a weekday market at East Lynn park. The folks in the Beaches were hoping to get their own local market going at Kew Beach. The park is in the centre of the shopping strip with an excellent play structure for the kids [and washrooms!]. The park hosts art events throughout the year and it seems like adding a Farmers Market would be a good fit. Politics are creating some problems for the organizers; I wonder if they will persist or aim for something else?



MOM TIME… What do YOU want to do today? | Lori Kennedy RHN

This is a reminder to every parent out there – dads too – we need some me time. ME time makes you a better parent. ME time makes you a better worker. ME time makes you a better you.

Are you unnecessarily severe with yourself and your habits? | Gretchen Rubin

Since I opened this blog post about being hard on myself, this is a great article to include this week. Gretchen discusses how we are sometimes hard on ourselves when we don’t need to be.



Looking for some ideas on recipes, organization or things to do with your Lil Sprout? Come check out my Pinterest page and the things that inspire me to become more balanced.


In the comments, please share articles that you read this week that helped you SPROUT some BALANCE! And remember to follow us and SPROUT a conversation on Twitter – @sproutbalance

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