Blog Love Friday! 2015 March 6

Blog Love Friday

A round-up of interesting stories and posts that I read this past week.


I am a Toronto Blue Jays fan; Daniel Norris could be the star pitcher who will get us the 2015 World Series win. ESPN did a story about Daniel, his values, and how he plans on ensuring the money doesn’t change him. This man knows what brings balance to his life.


The inventor of K-cups regrets creating the coffee pod system and prefers to brew his own coffee. I agree – filtering a cup of coffee takes slightly more time but at least it tastes like coffee. The paper filter I use is also biodegradable therefore creating minimal garbage.

What do you do when a retail space sits vacant and the neighbouring area has a high unemployment rate? Try to create an Urban Fish Farm. Since this is near to where I live, I am interested to see if this will happen.


Life-changing events aren’t the only reason you are stressing out! Read the surprising reasons you are stressed from Health Magazine.,,20905719,00.html?hootPostID=c0a77e8224852d41a38464eba3f05c48

Sunday, March 8, 2015 is International Women’s Day; The World Health Organization has posted the Ten Health Issues for Woman.

Looking for ways to increase fibre in your daily eats? Health Magazine list Twenty Fibre Rich Foods.,,20553010,00.html?hootPostID=5f1f0bac2569d4a435c7251ca2d6b8a0

A lovely list of ways to make your kitchen healthier from The Healthy Apple:

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