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Workshops & Parties … Yoga Style!

Looking for a relaxing and fun party for a group of friends?

Yoga can be part of any special celebration such as a birthday, a bachelorette party or just for fun! No matter a person’s age or ability, they can enjoy the benefits.

Who doesn’t love creating something and taking it home with them at the end of the day? Continue the relaxation vibe by having your party create a special bracelet from semi-precious stones. It makes a meaningful and beautiful addition to a wardrobe.

For those looking for a more meditative vibe, the party can make a Full (108-bead) or Mini (27-bead) Mala to help them through a meditation practice.

Ready to Get the Party Started?

I make your party easier to plan! I will come to your home or event site, prepare all of the necessary supplies for a beautiful jewellery creation, and customize a session to your needs. Do you need the bracelet to match the bridesmaid dress? Tell me and I’ll provide stone suggestions to match your colour palette. Need a heart charm? Tell me! Really dislike the colour pink? Tell me!

Since each party is special and unique, pricing will be based on your individual needs.

Your costs will include:

  • A yoga class taught by an insured, Yoga Alliance Registered, 200-hr certified Yoga Teacher;
  • Tuition on how to make a lovely jewellery piece;
  • All jewellery making supplies including semi-precious beads;
  • And everything brought to you at your location!

Plan to budget approximately $60.00 – $100.00 per person and remember these packages work best with 6-12 individuals.

Send me an email at sproutingbalance[at] with your event date & time, the purpose of the party, where you are hosting the event, the number of guests, and your budget. Don’t forget to include which of the party options below is your favourite! We can discuss the details and get the party started!

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Amazonite, Lava, and Quartz

Circle of Friends

The Circle. It has so many meanings: the constant motion of nature, energy, and infinite movement; the feeling of being whole or complete; and the cycle of life, love, and friendship. A 90-minute yoga class will provide the movement and help participants feel more complete. Each person will then create his or her own knotted semi-precious bracelet to symbolize the love of companionship.

Workshops - Mini Mala | | #minimala #mala #workshop
Amethyst and Jasper

Need to Chill

Whether it is the stress of life or the extra craziness of planning an event, we all need some time to chill and let go. To put everyone’s mind in the right space, a 90-minute Yin Yoga Relaxation class will realign the body and melt tension away. We will then create a 27-bead knotted Mini Mala to set your mindfulness intentions. And then finish the day with a 30-minute meditation to put those Mini Malas to good use!

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Quartz Crystal, Amazonite, and Agate

Yogi at Heart

This is the option for the dedicated group of Yogi friends! You love movement, you enjoy the moment of pranayama (breath) and you are setting your mind on meditation. After a 90-minute Yin Yoga Relaxation class, guests will create their own 108-bead meditation Mala necklace and set their intentions. The session is finished with a 30-minute mindfulness exercise that uses the beautiful Mala.

Workshops - Bracelet | | #workshop #bracelet #sprout
Morganite with Sprout Charm

Young at Heart

Everybody and every body can do yoga!

Does your party have a wide age range? Worried someone can’t get down to the mat? You want to have everyone participating even if they show up in jeans or a fancy dress? Have a group that is bigger than 12-people? A 45-minute Chair Yoga class means that you don’t have to worry about mats or not having enough space or great-grandma feeling left out. Afterwards, everyone will create a simple semi-precious bead stretch bracelet with an event appropriate charm.

Get the Wiggles Out

If you wish to only have a yoga class for your party, please see my group section in Yoga Classes.

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