Lil Sprout’s 8th Birthday – Let’s Make Faces

Lil Sprout's 8th Birthday - Let's Make Faces | | #birthday #emoji #faces #4cats

Colours: Every colour?!? But yellow was highlighted (pun not intended) a little more than the rest. Location: Away from home this year at 4Cats Beaches! In past years, it was a celebration for everyone - my daughter, her friends, their siblings, and their parents. This year, we went for a smaller group where the friends …

Lil Sprout’s 7th Birthday – Butterfly Garden

Lil Sprout's 7th Birthday - Butterfly Garden | | #butterfly #garden #birthday #girl #crafts #gardening

Colours: Bright Pink & Dark Green Location: At the end of last year, our condo party room got renovated and it is gorgeous! We rented the room again since it allows plenty of space to spread out. (And the kitchen is twice as big as mine!)   Food: Ok, we did it last year but …

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