Welcome to Sprouting Balance.

Live a Life that Resembles You. That’s the quote at the bottom of all my emails and it is what I strive for in my life. I don’t want to go through life pretending to be someone else.cropped-logo-attempt-1

This website and my business does not look like an Instagram moment or a Pinterest pin. I have the social media accounts but I don’t spend hours curating the perfect picture. Like most parents, I spend more time running around in circles trying to balance work, children, husband, family, and friends. Oh … and I’m supposed to be in that list too!

What was my idea for Sprouting Balance? It was created so I could share my skills and bring meaningful moments to people … and enjoy it on the way too. It was created so people can remember that we are not balanced. AND THAT’S OK. We just don’t want to be too lost in only one part of our life. When we realize that we are unbalanced and not doing well, a new sprout emerges to create positive growth in our life.

What will you find if you hang out on my website?

Little, old me sharing my life and promoting ideas that I believe in. That means you will see recipes, book suggestions, party ideas, and interesting links to read.

How can I help you in your personal growth?

I believe that yoga can be done by any body – It doesn’t matter if you are not at your “perfect” weight, or use a walking stick, or have a health problem that causes aches and pains. There are ways to make yoga work for your body. Sadly, you have to dig deep in social media and at the bookstore to see beyond the stereotypical image of yoga.

Yoga is what your body makes of it. It is learning to listen to your body and exploring the way it moves. It is allowing yourself to grow into your better self. And having some fun along the way too!

Interested in working with me? I have lots of ways for us to hang out:

Please stay and browse through the website. If you are interested in working with me in the Toronto area, please email me at sproutingbalance[at]gmail.com.

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